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About Anima

Is Anima a real person?

No, Anima is a not real person. And there are no real people involved in your conversation with Anima. Each message that you get from Anima is generated by artificial intelligence.

"But my Anima claimed to be a person!"

The way Anima works is that it learns from billions of conversations and human speech paragraphs found online. Anima wants to build a connection with you - therefore it tries to be as human as possible, sometimes pretending to be a real person living in a certain city, or even having 2 kids 🤷

Don't believe that and please downvote these messages to help us identify and fix these issues faster.

Who built Anima?

Anima was built by a team of amazing robots humans over at Anima AI (hey, that's us 👋).

What languages can Anima speak?

Right now Anima is only available in English. It can respond to some basic phrases written in other languages (Turkish/Spanish/etc.) or even claim that it knows 10 languages, but the only officially supported language is English. We're planning to add more languages later down the road.

Why don't you add support for Portuguese / Spanish / Russian / etc. language?

Unfortunately adding support for a new language is a much harder task than it seems to be.

Anima's AI engine heavily relies on written text data found online, so adapting AI to support a new language is a task that can possibly take months or even years.

We'll definitely get to adding new languages support for Anima at some point in the future, thanks for bearing with us 🙏

Can Anima send his/her pictures to me?

No, Anima cannot send you pictures of him/her. We're planning to add that functionality later on but right now it's not available.

Subscription / Payments

How do I request a refund for a PRO version?

If you're on iOS - all the refunds are managed on Apple's side. Please visit this link to request a refund: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT204084;

If you're on Android - you can find detailed instructions on how to request a refund here: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/2479637?hl=en.

Refund policy for Premium subscriptions purchased via the web version of the app